Starting a Business in Texas

Texas's small businesses drive big business dreams. Texas is the leading job creator in the country and has the second largest state economy. Learn how to start and grow your business with the right information and resources.

Getting started

There are seven basic steps to starting a business in Texas. 

1. Write your business plan   
2. Choose your business location   
3. Finance your business   
4. Decide on your business structure and register your business name   
5. Determine business tax responsibilities   
6. Figure out required licenses and permits   
Xổ số cho tôi 7. Learn business employer requirements

Talk to a tax consultant, accountant, or attorney to check that you meet all legal requirements. 

Forms, Fees, and Filing

Xổ số cho tôiPart of starting a business is knowing what you’ll need to pay, which forms to file and how to submit those forms.  

Xổ số cho tôiAs you start your business and run your day-to-day operations, you’ll need to file business or nonprofit forms, reporting forms, and you may need to complete paperwork for trademarks. 


Know the fees, payment, and  for your business. 


You can pay by:  

  • Check or money order payable to the Secretary of State  
  • Cash  
  • Credit card  
  • LegalEase®

Professional and occupational licenses and permits

Xổ số cho tôiYour business may need certain licenses or permits based on the services or products you offer. 

Xổ số cho tôiLearn what's needed. Contact the local county and city government where you plan to do business. .  

When you know the specific license you need for your occupation, find it in the directory.

Financing and incentives

Different types of bank financing are available to small business owners. 

Xổ số cho tôiMost lenders will ask for the following items when you apply for a loan: 

  • Legal papers showing who owns the business  
  • Business description and history  
  • Business owners and managers' resumes  
  • Owners, partners, and officers' current personal financial statements  
  • Business plan  
  • Tax returns from the past three years  
  • Business's current financial statement  
  • List of loan's proposed uses  
  • Company's list of assets and debts  
  • Company's collateral list


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