Texas Health Insurance

Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) helps Texans make informed decisions about their health insurance. Learn how to find the right type of health insurance for you and your family. 

How health insurance helps

Health insurance protects you before you get hurt or sick.  

If you get hurt or sick and need to go to the doctor, health insurance protects you from paying high medical bills.  

Xổ số cho tôiHealth insurance is also called a health benefit plan. Health benefit plans cover preventative services like wellness visits, shots, and screening tests. These services help you stay healthy and avoid future health problems.

Health insurance options

You can get health insurance through:  

  • Your employer if they offer health insurance. If you lose your job, you can stay on the plan through   
  • A membership, union, or church 
  • An  or agent 
  • The  
  • Your parent’s plan until age 26 
  • Your spouse’s plan 
  • Your college or university if they have a   
  • Government programs (see below)

If you own a small business with employees, . 

Affordable health insurance

Xổ số cho tôiFederal and State programs help people with limited or no money.  

Xổ số cho tôiGovernment health insurance and benefit programs have options for: 

  • Children and pregnant women through the
  • Adults who may not be able to afford private coverage through
  • Most adults over age 65 and people with disabilities through

Xổ số cho tôiAlternative health plans can help save money but may limit health coverage. .   

Xổ số cho tôiIf you do not have health insurance, you can . 

These centers provide high quality, low-cost health care on a sliding fee scale to individuals and their families regardless of age, health, insurance, or immigration status. 

Health marketplace: Buying your own health insurance

Insurance you buy from a company or the marketplace is individual insurance. It’s sold to individuals, not to members of a certain group.  

You can buy individual coverage through: 

  • An insurance company or health maintenance organization (HMO) 
  • A licensed health insurance agent who has a relationship with one or more insurance companies 
  • , the online federal health insurance Marketplace 
  • The  on Healthcare.gov for individuals and small businesses 
  • A  approved to help with Marketplace enrollment